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I have been writing fiction since before anything even resembling an internet existed. I created my first website in 1998 using writing the code by hand in HTML 1.0. This block editing is quite nice by comparison.

Lara Zielinsky Media is the latest incarnation of a personal website for connecting with readers.


My thoughts on life, writing, editing, and publishing can be found on myblog. I am also active on Twitter’s #writingcommunity, and host author pages on Amazon, Facebook and Goodreads.



Are you looking for summaries and purchasing details about my published books or sneak peeks from works in progress? Go here…


Are you looking for editing help or a coach for your writing? I have an extensive resume as an editor (25 full-length novels, non-fiction manuscripts, and short stories) for publishers and indie authors). I pride myself on preserving an author’s voice and vision and creating a mentoring relationship with writers.

My services include: copy editing (grammar, typos, etc), typesetting (print and epub), and developmental editing (coaching) for all genres. Rates, as well as recommendations from happy clients are here… I also have a deal running on fiverr, and do gigs through Upwork.

Thank you for visiting! ~ Lara

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